Here you will find headshots and biographies of all of the directors who will be involved in ‘The Beaumont and Fletcher Project’.

If you are a director, and would like to direct one of the productions, please get in touch with Dr Steve Orman at:


Jonathan Busby

Plays Directed for ‘The B&F Project’: THE MAID’S TRAGEDY (March 2015)

jon busby

Jonathan trained as an actor at the Drama Centre London and has worked on award-winning productions in the UK and internationally. In 2010, he founded the Aporia Theatre Collective with whom he directed his revised edition of Cardenio at various UK venues. The company has also run a series of international workshops concerning cultural mythology in performance.

In 2014, Jonathan began a Research Masters degree in theatre anthropology at Plymouth University and hopes to continue to work with Aporia when opportunities arise, particularly continuing the theme of reviving little-known plays. Jonathan is also a freelance travel journalist and professional jazz pianist.

Kate De Rycker

Plays Directed for ‘The B&F Project’: THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN (June 2015), THE LOYAL SUBJECT (September 2015).

Kate De Rycker

Kate De Rycker recently completed her joint doctorate at the universities of Kent and Porto with the EU funded programme, Text & Event in Early Modern Europe (TEEME). Her PhD was on the reputation of one of the most infamous men in the early modern period, Pietro Aretino, whose works were  posthumously banned by the Catholic Church and who would become synonymous with pornography across Europe. She recently co-organised the interdisciplinary conference ‘Moveable Types’ on European cultural exchanges, as well as a symposium on the digital humanities, both at the university of Kent. She has previously worked with the research department at Shakespeare’s Globe and as deputy front of house manager for Creation Theatre, Oxford, and is looking forward to returning to working in the theatre with Fletcher’s The Loyal Subject in September!

Emma Whipday

Plays Directed for ‘The B&F Project’: THE FALSE ONE (December 2015)

Emma Whipday

Emma Whipday is a Stipendiary Lecturer in English at Brasenose College, Oxford. She recently completed her PhD in ‘Shakespeare’s Domestic Tragedies: Disrupted Homes on the Early Modern Page, Stage and Street’at UCL. Emma has directed a Jacobean-style production of Samuel Daniel’s The Tragedie of Cleopatra (2013) and a cue-script performance of ‘The Tragedy of Thomas Merry’ from Robert Yarington’s Two Lamentable Tragedies (2014). She regularly leads public engagement workshops on performing early modern drama, and has recently worked in schools as a Brilliant Club tutor. She has published on news pamphlets reporting domestic murder and on staging the home in Arden of Faversham, and is currently organising a symposium on the performance and experience of domestic service with the London Renaissance Seminar.


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