About ‘The Beaumont and Fletcher Project’

‘The Beaumont and Fletcher Project’


‘ The Beaumont and Fletcher Project’ seeks to organise script-in-hand performances of the entire dramatic works of Beaumont & Fletcher.

Instigated and coordinated by Dr Steve Orman (Canterbury Christ Church University), the plan is to stage 4 plays a year (tentatively, March, June, September, December), in a variety of performance spaces around Canterbury with a whole host of different directors and different actors, each bringing something new to each play.

Like the canon of works itself, it will be truly a collaborative event and will provoke some much needed revitalisation of this important corpus of plays.

A team of actors and a director will work on the text for one full day before performing the play in the afternoon of the following day.

Information about purchasing tickets (with special ‘season’ deals) will be announced shortly.

It is hoped that the performances can be filmed and stored on DVDs to provide a significant documentation of what is a highly ambitious and unprecedented theatrical experiment.

The entire process of the project, including how modern stagings of Beaumont and Fletcher’s plays can influence our understanding of English Renaissance theatre will be the subject of a monograph by Dr Orman.

If you would like any further information, please get in touch with Dr Steve Orman at: thebeaumontandfletcherproject@gmail.com

Steve will also be tweeting about the project: @Steve_Orman and you can get involved with the conversation by using the hashtag #beaumontandfletcherlive


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