Facebook Page and ‘THE MAID’S TRAGEDY’

Dear friends of ‘The Beaumont and Fletcher Project’,

I’m happy to announce that the ‘B&F Project’ now has its own Facebook page. If you use Facebook, please do head over to the following address and give me a ‘like’:

The Facebook page, I hope, will be a great place for discussion and for friends of the project to network, bringing together actors, directors, academics, and fans of Renaissance Drama. The Facebook page will contain updates about the project, casting and directing announcements, photographs of performance venues, and many other things besides.
Please do invite your friends and colleagues to ‘like’ the Facebook page!
If you don’t use Facebook; no trouble at all. Important information and announcements will always be circulated via the mailing list and posted on the project website.
Finally, some very brief information about ‘The Maid’s Tragedy’.


So, the first production in the project will be ‘THE MAID’S TRAGEDY’ in March 2015.

I hope to confirm the date of the performance, and the venue in Canterbury, before Christmas. At the same time, I will announce our director for the play.

A formal ‘call for actors’ will be launched after Christmas.Warm wishes,


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